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Electronic Flow of Information “ELOI”

ELOI is a complete system supporting the electronic flow of information in the company

  • Electronic flow of documents
  • Managing application for leaves and business trips
  • Easily configurable workflow
  • Intuitive interface

The electronic flow of information “ELOI” is a platform that includes an electronic flow of incoming, outgoing, and internal correspondence in the company, but also registration and approving leave applications, settlement of business trip expenses, registration of remote work, managing authorisation and many other processes.

The platform supports the work of different offices, it provides access to documents to all employees of the company, enables document assignements according to the organizational structure of the company, monitors reply dates. Correspondence flow based on our solution allows managing documents on the basis of a Consistent Itemised File List, printing postal delivery forms (in accordance with the model approved by Poczta Polska), printing a list of shipments according to case number, and printing a monthly statement of costs (according to the postal price list).

The system is characterised by an easy and intuitive user interface. The entire solution is based on HCL Domino platform.