Telecommunication, Fibre-optic systems, VoIP

Services in telecommunication, operation of data communication networks and video surveillance.

Polska Grupa Górnicza S.A., headquartered in Katowice is a telecommunication company listed in the register (by the UKE chairman) under number 11375 on 10 February 2016.

Zakład Informatyki i Telekomunikacji, on behalf of Polska Grupa Górnicza S.A., provides telecommunication services in fixed network at the retail and wholesale level.

We have permission issued in the Republic of Poland for the following activities:

  • Providing telecommunication network
  • Providing telecommunication services
  • Providing accompanying facilities

We own interconnection points with the main telecommunications operators in Poland:

  • Orange Polska,
  • Netia,
  • Leon,
  • Exatel,
  • 3S

We have our own numbering for fixed-line telephones in the numbering area of Katowice (32), with the following prefixes:

  • SPQM=716(0-4,6-9)
  • SPQM=717(0,2-5,7,8)
  • SPQM=718(1-4)
  • SPQM=729(1-4)
  • SPQM=739(2-5,7,8)
  • SPQM=7572


  • fixed-line analogue telephony
  • digital telephony
  • IP telephony
  • system of immediate notification
  • support regarding maintenance and configuration of systems and branch exchanges


  • permanent access to the ADSL Internet network
  • permanent access to the VDSL Internet network


  • lease of network transmission links
  • lease of optical-fibre network link


  • creation of video surveillance systems
  • administration and maintenance of video surveillance systems
  • video surveillance with motion detection and perimeter protection


  • measurements of cable lines both copper and fibre-optic
  • charting cable runs/ ducts
  • creation of structural networks and fibre-optic lines
  • specialised works conducted on fibre-optic cables, underground mining plants

Attention: individual services can be implemented and offered to clients depending on the capabilities and technical specifications of a given telecommunication company’s branch.

Attention: detailed information and documents in the area of providing operating services are available on under the name “Corporate Zone” in section “Corporate Zone” in the tab “other business - telecommunication”.