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VR Projects

Creating our own training scenarios with the use of VR.

  • Virtual Reality technology
  • Production of training scenarios based on client’s projects
  • Ready scenarios prepared with the use of Virtual Reality technology

VR studio at our Company designs and prepares both an interactive as well as a responsive environment for conducting training and exam sessions in VR technology.

Thanks to the multimedia creation of a computer vision of objects, space, and events, it is possible to faithfully reproduce the environment, and in connection with the physical simulation, it is possible to increase the level of perceived immersion and realism, giving the impression of spatial presence in rooms, mining galleries, or factory halls.

Interaction with the user is carried out by means of audiovisual communication (image and sound), while the controllers held in the hands imitate touch with the possibility of switching modes of machines and devices giving feedback.

The Company offers both ready-to-use training scenarios created in Virtual Reality technology as well as implements scenarios based on projects provided by the Client..

Products created in the VR studio can also be delivered to a client in a “Full Kit” version (software, VR glasses, motion controllers, VR base station, and a gaming computer).