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SQL Spark

Application for registering explosion-proof construction equipment.

  • Equipment inventory
  • Determination of any acceptance and control cycles for equipment
  • Defining the structure of facilities and equipment in the company

The SQL Spark system is used to keep records of explosion-proof construction equipment. The programme meets the requirements of The Mining Law specified for this kind of application.

The application allows for any definition of the structure of supported objects and devices in the Senior-Subordinate system. It allows for assigning to devices periodic inspection schemes with an accuracy of 1 day, and allows for performing technical commissioning and planned inspections.

The system enables the transfer of groups or single devices within a defined structure, with keeping a record of operations performed on it in the device history.

It allows the use of advanced search filters and the execution of reports such as record sheets and lists of devices with the possibility of exporting to Excel, Word, PDF and other formats.

The system is currently operating in a dozen or so plants and is the leading application of its kind in hard coal mining in Poland.