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PSSE - Covid-19 registry

The application supports the employees of sanitary-epidemiological stations and general practitioners in the fight against the pandemic.

PSSE - Covid-19 registry supports the employees of district sanitary-epidemiological stations in the fight against the pandemic. The programme manages the registration of people who are in isolation or quarantine, it also refers people to swabs. The software helps to schedule sampling dates, groups people who are in isolation in the database, and supports the processes connected with referral of people to quarantine, isolation, and hospitalisation of sick.

When data of a PGG S.A. employee is entered into the local database of a sanitary station, the software automatically downloads it from the company's human resources system, which optimises the process and eliminates errors that often occur during manual data entry.

The programme allows to generate comprehensive reports and statistics for the needs of every station. It analyses, among other things, the number of new cases and recoveries over time, and converts, respectively, the number of referrals for swabs, recorded test results, referrals for quarantine or isolation (broken down into individual days)