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Employee Portal

The system is designed to make HR and payroll information available to employees and to improve communication between the employee and the Company.

  • Access to own personnel and payroll data
  • Leave applications
  • Downloading applications, certificates
  • Up-to-date information about the Company, departments, and individual information

The system is a web portal created as a communication platform between the employee and the company. Through this platform, the employee, regardless of location, has a direct access to his or her human resources data (e.g. job seniority, job history, courses completed, professional qualifications, periodic examinations, overtime, daily work, absences), payroll data (payslips, taxes, ZUS file), occupational health and safety data (e.g. assignments of protective clothing, completed training courses and courses improving competences) and information and announcements published by the employer.

The system allows for the sharing and transfer of information and documents for all employees of the company, employees of individual company branches (in the case of a multi-division company), departments, and individually for selected employees.

By means of this system, employees may submit an application for leave and receive information on whether it has been approved or rejected, and may ask questions concerning themselves in the form of a private forum.

The system was created in order to relieve he staff of human resources departments in the organisation and limit the number of visits of employees to those departments.

It is responsive and adapts to the devices on which it is running(computers, tablets, smartphones).