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WHS reporting

An application used to record and analyse accidents

  • Registration of accidents
  • The event tree
  • Analyses and statistics of the accident rate

The app “WHS reporting” is used to gather information about the accidents that occurred in the company in the form of a register, in compliance with the obligation imposed on the employer by the Regulation of the Council of Ministers of 1 July 2009 on determining the circumstances and causes of accidents at work and the Act of 30 October 2002 on social insurance against accidents at work and occupational diseases.

The application allows for creating full accident records together with witnesses statements and statements of the people involved in the accident, photographic evidence, and drawings. The application also enables carrying out statistical analyses, generic and indicator analysis in particular.

The “Event Tree” is the part of the application which allows for the calculation of the probability of the occurrence of the end event based on the trigger event and the sequence of technical, organisational, and personal causes of the accident occurring at work.

Thanks to the possibility of integrating the application with the human resources database and the company's working time registration system, the application additionally improves and accelerates registration of accidents at work.